The workshop is coordinated by the following institutions

The Coordinators of the workshop are

  • Brazilian coordinator: Professor Cristiane Mansur de Moraes Souza, Regional University of Blumenau, Brazil
  • UK Coordinator : Dr. Menaha Thayaparan, London South Bank University, UK

Mentors of the workshop are

  • Professor Charles Egbu, London South Bank University, UK
  • Assoc. Professor Yamuna Kaluarachchi, London South Bank University, UK
  • Professor Marcos Antônio Mattedi, Regional University of Blumenau, Brazil
  • Professor Marcus Polette, Regional University of Vale do Itajaí, Itajaí, Brazil

The workshop is funded by

  • Newton Fund under British Council Researcher Links programme
    • On 5 December 2013 the UK Chancellor announced the creation of an Emerging Powers Research and Innovation Fund. The Newton Fund was officially launched in 2014 and originally consisted of £75 million each year for 5 years. During the 2015 UK Spending Review it was agreed to extend and expand the Fund. The Newton Fund was extended from 2019 to 2021 and expanded by doubling the £75 million investment to £150 million per year by 2021, leading to a £735 million UK investment, with partner countries providing matched resources within the Fund. The fund is managed by the UK’s Department of Business, Innovation and Skills
    • The Fund forms part of the UK’s Official Development Assistance (ODA) commitment and its primary focus is o develop partner countries research and innovation capacity for long-term sustainable growth. Through the Newton Fund, the UK uses its strength in research and innovation to promote economic development and social welfare of partner countries. It provides opportunities to researchers for collaboration with the Newton Fund countries.
    • The Newton Fund covers activities in three broad categories: (i) People: capacity building, people exchange and joint centres; (ii) Research: research collaborations on development topics; and (iii) Translation: innovation partnerships. Researcher Links Workshops fall into the People category.
    • For more information visit: and follow via Twitter: @NewtonFund
  • Foundation for Research Funding and Innovation of the State of Santa Catarina (FAPESC).