Workshop Presentations

Keynote Presentations

  1. Keynote 1 : Blumenau Disaster by Professor Marcos Antônio Mattedi 
  2. Keynote 2: Social Ecological Resilience by Assc Prof Yamuna Kaluarachchi
  3. Keynote 3:Vale do Itajaí´s Disaster by Professor Marcus Polette
  4. Keynote 4: Resilient Measures by Prof Charles Egbu

Other Presentations

  1. Setting the scene with case studies by Professor Cristiane Mansur de Moraes Souza
  2. Purpose of the workshop by Dr Menaha Thayaparan
  3. Profile building by Prof Charles Egbu

Guest Lectures

  1. Guest lecture by DEFESA CÍVIL
  2. Disaster Case studies: CIMMVI